Hair Color Cream: Metallics


  • 74 intermixable shades for unlimited creativity
  • Unique formulation allows for semi, demi, & permanent in one tube
  • Chromaprism Technology delivers longer-lasting, more vibrant color
  • Low Ammonia with coverage and tonal series 1.0 %–1.8% (High Lift and Super Lift have slightly higher Alkali)
  • Low to zero odor
  • Balanced protein & moisture base that is ideal for all hair types
  • Rich, luminous, long-lasting colors


Mix the Metallic shades 1:1 with PRORITUALS 5 Vol. Developer and apply. The Metallic shades should be used to color tone-on-tone or lighten up to 1 level. In order to darken lighter hair, mix the product with PRORITUALS Vol. 10 Developer. Process for 30-35 minutes at room temperature.

For maximum color results, it is recommended to pre-lighten the hair first to pale yellow (level 10-12), then pre-tone using 10FG+ 5 Vol. Process until unwanted yellow tones are removed. Once the unwanted warmth is neutralized, proceed with your Metallic target color application.

Please note that depending on your monitor, actual swatch colors may vary. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product.