Education Team

Sami Haberkorn
A multifaceted artist, educator, and beauty industry trailblazer


Meet Sami Haberkorn, an accomplished makeup artist and hair stylist who seamlessly juggles her roles as the Sales & Education Coordinator for the renowned beauty brand company, Robanda Intl. Her journey in the beauty industry began in 2011 at Hair Theatre in Kirkwood, Missouri, where she pioneered the total makeover concept, prioritizing both inner and outer transformations for her clients.

Having started as a freelance makeup artist and educator at Bodyography, Sami's career has blossomed into an influential position at Robanda Intl. Today, she oversees sales and education for multiple beauty brands under the company's umbrella, such as Crack Hair Fix, PRORITUALS, JAGUAR, and Bodyography. Sami's artistic soul finds inspiration in fantasy and avant-garde makeup, driving her to continually explore and implement cutting-edge techniques and trends.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sami is committed to providing a personalized and transformative experience for every client. Her ritualistic approach builds confidence through meaningful connections and, of course, the enhancement of natural beauty. When not on the road or behind the chair, Sami enjoys unwinding at her local climbing gym, immersing herself in nature through bouldering, or indulging in delightful meals at vegan restaurants.

Andrea Harbison
Celebrity Stylist & Colorist


After graduating with honors in 2008, Andrea skyrocketed to the top of the hair color industry. With dynamic southern charm and the ability to relate her talents, she teaches hairdressers the most advanced coloring and blonding techniques known to the industry today.

Andrea has been a successful salon owner since 2010 and has accomplished huge credits over the span of her 11 year career. She has been featured as the lead guest artist on many stages across the USA and was voted “Top 30 Under 30” colorist in 2015 by Colorist magazine.

In a relatively short time, Andrea has been dubbed the “blonding queen”. Her ability to captivate and excite others through teaching eventually resulted in her being sought out by the television network Bravo. She now works bicoastal doing main stage events for hairdressers while also serving as the official hairdresser to the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Despite her hectic schedule, Andrea still manages to work behind the chair with real clients. Her fierce passion continually inspires her to evolve and create, bringing the latest techniques to the beauty industry.

—“You need a little color in your life to be your own rainbow.”

Emily Murphy


A self-proclaimed “hair nerd”, Emily Murphy graduated at the top of her cosmetology class. When she was just 21 years old, she opened her own salon in Rhode Island which has thrived for over 6 years. In addition, she’s worked as a design team member for color companies and as an independent educator teaching bridal styles, blonding, and hair extension techniques.

Hair coloring was her first passion. From bright fashion colors to sun drenched blondes and rich reds, color has always been her obsession. Emily’s favorite thing to do is experiment with new color formulas and patterns for foiling and balayage.

Emily’s also extremely passionate about education. She loves traveling to salons and hair shows where she can meet with other stylists in the industry and share her knowledge. Her success has led her to work on several photo shoots around the country as well as to perform color and hair extension services for the Real Housewives of Orange County.

—“Stylists are the backbone of the industry.”

Michael Künz
National Educator


Michael has dedicated over 39 years to the art of hair color and care. From New York to LA, and almost everywhere else in between, Michael has taught schools and hair salons, and performed at beauty shows. Opting to go beyond just the basic technical aspects of hair color, he approaches color with an artistic eye. This enables him to show not only the maximum potential of the hair color, but helps inspire other stylists to express their own unique vision through use of color as well.

In the salon, Michael practices and teaches the Art of Precision Hair Color, Formulating, Mixing, Timing, and Reconstructive Hair Techniques. He follows the philosophy of ‘No more dull, dry, brittle hair!’, a technique that results in hair that is not just processed, but completely reconstructed. Michael's work is featured and can be found in Sophisticate’s Hair Style Guide and on the cover, front, back, and inside of “Passion Color Vol. 10”, an internationally released color style book.

—“No more dry, dull, brittle hair!”

Karla Vazquez


Karla Vazquez began her career as an educator in 2004 and was immediately recognized for her talent in cut and color techniques. At 22, she opened her own salon in San Diego, CA, perfecting these techniques, and has since been sharing her talent internationally in both Spanish and English. Karla’s had the opportunity to share the stage with talents such as Yosh Toya, William Whatley and Terrence Renk, and has been recognized as the #10 natural hair colorist in Beauty Launchpad’s ‘Top 30 Under 30’. With cutting methods and color placement techniques that have been described as "exquisite," Karla continually strives to educate, motivate, and inspire all who attend her presentations!

Maryann Minella


Maryann is a revered stylist and educator. With over 30 years of experience, she has remained on the cutting-edge of the hair, fashion and beauty industry. She has trained with several well-renowned stylists and colorists, including Nick Arrojo, and has spent 19 years in the prestigious position of ‘Associate Artist’ with Scruples Professional Hair Care. By combining face shape, skin tone, hair texture and personality, she crafts the perfect looks for her clients.

In August of 2005, she realized her lifelong dream of opening her own salon. This afforded her the opportunity to embrace her vision by guiding up-and-coming hairdressers in the industry. With knowledge of the latest hair styling, cutting, and coloring techniques, she continually inspires staff and clients alike. Her blend of professionalism with a relaxed, client-friendly approach, has made her a success, and her commitment to staying on-trend has enabled her to become an educator for Prorituals and Tutto Hair Color.

Shalon Wilson


Shalon Wilson eats, breathes, and sleeps hair! From the tender age of 8, she knew she wanted to be a hairstylist, and for the past 18 years, she’s owned the salon ‘Razzle Dazzle’ in Rockmart, Georgia. Her parents have always been a huge influence and source of inspiration throughout her career, and have supported her every step of the way.

Shalon’s passionate about color and constantly stays educated and up-to-date on the latest trends. She teaches color classes for Paris Beauty and believes in continually striving to improve and staying humble because being a stylist is more than just a job to her, it’s her life!

—"Your only competition is the stylist you were yesterday."

Jeffery James
Artist & Educator


Known for his charisma, energy and creative edge, Prorituals Artist Jeffery James brings many years of experience in the professional beauty industry to the Prorituals educational team. Behind the chair, Jeffery provides a fresh, urban take on traditional techniques, encouraging fellow stylists to push their creative boundaries. With Prorituals, Jeffery has been involved with the national show team, worked extensively on campaign photo shoots and facilitated hands-on education at Scruples Hair Care. He lives and teaches by the motto that all stylists are visual artists.

—"All stylists are visual artists."

Tracy McKain
Educator & Int'l Platform Artist


Tracy’s journey began over 17 years ago. Her desire was to fulfill her creative ambition. After graduating from Cosmetology School, Tracy began her now very successful salon in Clayton, NY.

Ever striving to better herself and to give back to the hair industry, Tracy’s creative journey found her joining a newly launched manufacturing company called Kaaral from Italy. In her new position as an educator, Tracy blossomed; so much so that her new position found her traveling around North America sharing her extensive creative skills with hairdressers, salon owners, students and distributorships. She quickly became respected as a wonderful, inspiring mentor.

Pushing herself ever harder, Tracy began to perform in industry events and shows, selflessly sharing her wealth of knowledge and creative skills. This culminated in Tracy and she was then asked to represent the USA in a much-revered show in Italy.

Continually crossing paths in the industry with William Whatley, Tracy has joined his Artistic Team for Prorituals and Regional Director of Education for the East. She looks forward to sharing and working together with such a talented team, and is most excited to learn from and share talents with one another and within this magnificent industry.

—"Through education, there’s no limit to growth and success!!"

Stephanie Holland


Stephanie Holland brings valuable industry insight and refreshing enthusiasm to the professional salon industry.

With over 20 years experience behind the chair and 10 years of educating, Stephanie's informative and energetic nature along side her passion for hair is contagious. Her courses will leave you feeling refreshed and motivated.

She loves sharing her knowledge while engaging with her fellow stylists, expanding their skill set and igniting their excitement our forever changing beauty industry.

Kasey Lynn Gonzalez
Kasey Lynn Gonzalez


Going on 16 years of being a stylist. I love being able to create something so unique on  hair and make someone feel beautiful inside and out.. I love that I get to meet different people and not only become great friends but like family behind the chair.  I’ve managed the salon I work at in South Texas for 2 years. I love to share my knowledge of hair and makeup.

Karla Gomez
Karla Gomez


I received my license at age 18 and told myself I was only going to do it while I finished my Bilingual Education degree. Little did I know how much love was behind the chair! When we hone our skills it reflects on our clients and in our salon culture. Education is the key and essence in our industry. In 2011 I became a bilingual educator and platform artist for a large hair care company. Worked with many talented artists. I now own my own salon, The Colour Lab Llc, and have  built a culture for EVERY women to feel beautiful and love their hair every time they walk out! I love what I do behind the chair this is why I want to share it with every stylist out there. Love what you do and hone it.

Shannon Fredrick


Shannon Fredrick, for as long as she can remember, has always had a passion for taking on challenges that seem impossible.  Her approach is easy yet universal, “Always go back to the basics.”  Upon graduating cosmetology school in 2006 she began working for one of the biggest salons in Wisconsin, before going on her own behind the chair in 2010. Outside of the salon, she has also had some fun experiences creating looks for fashion shows and styling the wigs for M.A.C makeup Winter Look Runway shows. 

“I specialize in color correction. I love a good challenge when it comes to the correction process. I enjoy the brain work and formulating and having realistic expectations while maintaining the integrity of the hair. I am excited to share my knowledge of color and techniques I use that keep it relatively simple. Remember, Always Go Back to The basics!"

Cyndie Makarewicz


With over 30 years of technical experience, Cyndie Makarewicz is one of the most well-respected salon professionals in Metro Detroit. As a platform artist, master colorist, and national director for companies emphasizing organic, non-toxic ingredients, she's passionate about healthy hair care and continuous education.

Cyndie’s portfolio includes everything from women’s shelter charity fundraisers to television styling for on-air broadcasters. She also shares her extensive knowledge through mentoring apprentices just starting out in the field. She’s an inspiration to everyone she teaches and a successful salon owner with a loyal client-base. Her commitment to learning the latest techniques, trends, and brands has helped her to continuously pave the way as an independent stylist and female entrepreneur.

Ashley Huelsbeck
Ashley Huelsbeck


Since the beginning of her career Ashley has always had a passion for the artistry of this industry. She loves to merge trends and timeless techniques to create a unique look in half the amount of time. Acts of service is her love language, in which is evident upon every guest that sits in her chair. She specializes in fashion color work and blonding. With just under two decades of cosmetology under her belt, she has found her love of educating through working with other stylists. She is so excited to share all of her secrets and to inspire others to find their spark, spunk, and passion in an ever-evolving industry!

In her spare time she volunteers with Unforgettable Underdogs  rescue and also is a character actress and face painter.